Qutbluebox Innovation Challenge Finalists: 5 minutes with Outfound

Business vision


What is Outfound?

Outfound offers a new and efficient way for SMEs to find and sort the best people for the job. And we believe it’s also sorting out the recruitment industry in the process.

Our recruitment platform is a groundbreaking combination of social media, smart matching and incentive-based referrals.

We established Outfound in 2013 and are headquartered in Brisbane.

When are you hoping to launch your product? Will it be a website or an app?
We’re using the Innovation Challenge as an opportunity to officially launch the beta version to the public. Businesses will be able to access our web site and use the online application from around the 16th of October 2014.

Future versions will see a mobile app launched with features targeting both business and applicants.

Who are the founders? Mathew Myers and Max Holman

What gave you the idea for the business?
The idea was a culmination of ‘real world’ pain using Seek, recruiters and my inbox as a method to find, sort and recruit talent.

I think recruiting staff had always given me a sinking feeling. It’s the idea of having to post a job ad, use a hack filtering method or rely upon a recruiter to charge you big dollars for a hopeful handshake with a prospective hire. The process is long, time consuming and can be costly.

In 2012 we began asking ourselves if there was a better way to recruit people. However, after much research, we discovered there was little on offer to effectively solve the pain of recruiting for an SME. We decided to do something about the problem and build a fresh, new platform.

Have you raised any investment to date?
We have bootstrapped the company with funds from several shareholders, but as yet have not had an official funding round.

Mathew, you’re a successful Brisbane-based entrepreneur, having also co-founded Vision6 (delivering marketing power to e-messaging). With experience, does it get easier to bring innovations to the market?
The experienced gained in bringing one company to market should translate to a better path for the next one. Aside from a solid concept, I would say that it’s mostly dependent on the people you have involved in your startup. Taking a leaf from Jim Collins – it’s about getting the right people in the right seats and then you can drive the bus almost anywhere.

What did you study at QUT and when?
Bachelor of Business, completed 2002, and an MBA (BGSB), completed 2007.
credibility when seeking further funding, partnerships and attracting talent to work in our company. We would use the prize money to continue the product build and help facilitate further funding.