New look Immersive Interaction System arrives at QUT

Over the past three years Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers have developed a novel interactive platform, which allows for intuitive direct physical interactions with a digital environment without the need to master a mouse, keyboard or controller.

IIS prototype

The platform has been the recipient of Commercialisation Australia and qutbluebox proof of concept funding which has facilitated a number of crucial advanced towards a commercial ready system. In particular, bluebox in conjunction with a Sydney based Industrial Design firm have produced an innovative system housing for the platform technology. The sleek new design integrates clean smooth lines to offer a polished finish whilst offering a high level of mobility and safety, which is highly desirable in the target educational market setting.

The IIS platform allows whole body immersive interaction and has been initially tailored to fulfill the needs of the early education market sector as well as for children with disabilities. The existing application suite may also be easily built upon to cover market segments such as

• Secondary education

• Corporate training and team building

• Pediatric therapy, assisting in the rehabilitation process;

• Health and fitness, encouraging physical activity;

• Advertising, immersing customers in an interactive environment and

• Disability services, providing previously inaccessible exploratory experiences.

An opportunity exists for industry to partner with bluebox and take this promising technology out into the real world.

For more information, contact

Anthony Musumeci – Commercialisation Manger