Laminitis Treatment

As Lisa mentioned in an earlier post, the bluebox Proof-of-Concept fund is a great way for bluebox to advance early stage projects where the IP is still being developed and optimised prior to licensing and commercial application  One such project that was recently awarded funding as part of this POC fund is the development of a treatment for laminitis – a common horse disease also known as founder disease.


Laminitis is the most common reason for horse owners to seek veterinary treatment and the second most common cause of death. In addition to horses, laminitis can affect any hoofed animal, including cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. This novel treatment is being designed to be included in the animal’s feed to prevent the onset of this crippling condition.

Currently, the main treatment for laminitis is cryotherapy, which involves standing the horse in buckets of ice water for extended periods – probably much easier said than done! In terms of preventative products, there is one product available in Australia that claims to prevent and manage feed-related laminitis. However, it is not available in several countries overseas due to concerns about the sustained administration of antibiotics to animals. Therefore, if successful, this preventative treatment would be a simple and economical solution for this costly and debilitating condition.

An opportunity exists for industry players to partner with bluebox to further develop this promising technology into a commercial product. Industry partners may wish to engage the technical expertise that exists at QUT to optimise this technology for their specific requirements. For more information, contact:

Erin Rayment – Relationship Manager