Innovation Challenge winner, Tanda, to fast track R&D

After winning first prize in the 2014 qutbluebox Innovation Challenge, start-up Tanda is planning to reinvest the money into fast tracking R&D to give them a better shot at the international market. Tanda co-founder Tasmin Trezise explained what the company has in store.

“We’re stoked to win the Innovation Challenge. The $60,000 prize money is going to make the world of difference to Tanda. In short, we’re going to reinvest the money into R&D and technical development. This includes developing an app, which will allow us to take our product to a global market. This will give us a real shot at shaking up the entire industry.

“Technology ages quickly and if it wasn’t for bluebox and QUT, we wouldn’t have been able to put this into motion until early 2016. We’re already growing Tanda at an incredible rate, but now we’ll be able to scale a lot faster.

“To put this in perspective, less than two years ago we were all studying at QUT. In the 18 months since launching Tanda, we now have 5000 employees in Australia clocking in every day using our software.

“Aside from the benefits to Tanda, winning the Innovation Challenge also meant a lot to us as QUT alumni. To have this level of endorsement from QUT has been incredibly encouraging. We all met at QUT and the early stage development for Tanda happened while we were still at university. What’s more real world than developing a solution and taking to market? We wouldn’t have been able to do that without QUT.

“Mostly, I really want to celebrate and encourage more QUT students connecting with others to flesh out their crazy ideas. There’s no better opportunity than uni to meet like-minded people and give it a go, you’ll never know where you are going to end up.

“We’re always happy to help any aspiring entrepreneurial QUT student. If there are any developers or business students looking for work experience in a growing start-up, definitely drop us a line.”