Enabling women to manage their own wellbeing – The Women’s Wellness Program

Last year bluebox invested Proof-of-Concept (POC) funding in over 10 successful POC applications. The projects range from getting a consultant on board for a short period of time to provide commercial feasibility assessment, collecting data to compare the innovation to current gold standard in industry, and the development and trialing of prototypes.

Professor Debra Anderson was one of the successful applicants that received investment to package and develop an online delivery system for the Women’s Wellness Program. Evidence-based, the piStock_000006244050Largerogram is targeted at midlife women, providing them with tools to manage their own health and wellbeing through a supportive 12-week program, which targets decreasing menopausal symptoms and reducing chronic disease risk factors.

This research builds on the demonstrated success of the existing Women’s Wellness program, which is an intensive consultation and paper-based intervention. The POC investment from bluebox will assist Professor Anderson and her team to update the women’s wellness program paper based materials and produce an e-book/journal, develop an interactive online delivery system to support the program, pilot e-health consultation support and update training materials for health professionals to deliver the program. Three approaches will be trial in a pilot study of the system. The program is aimed at enabling busy women to manage their own wellbeing, whilst on the move!

I am constantly bombarded with information that often contradicts itself. As a busy women myself, I welcome reputable evidence based information that is supportive and accessible whilst I’m on the move. One recent example is becoming a new mother, wow, what an information overload in getting ready for a new life to enter our home. Then once the baby arrives, you completely forget or ignore everything you have read and rely on family and friends for just as contradictory advice… I can say the tools that I did end up using were on my smartphone, applications and websites that were developed based on evidence, helping me understand why I all of a sudden have a screaming child for hours on end.

The POC project is currently underway, the paper materials have been updated and currently developing the interactive online system. Phase 1 of the online system where potential participants can register their interest is now LIVE! In a couple of months time Phase 2, the launch of the program, will occur and the trial will begin – watch this space!

If you want to learn more please visit the website and register your interest to be part of the trial at www.womenswellness.com.au

Otherwise you can always contact me, Lisa van den Berg – Commercialisation Manager at qutbluebox 

What is POC funding?

The bluebox Proof-of-Concept (POC) Fund has been established to enable the development of intellectual property to “proof of concept” and to enhance the ability to achieve QUT’s commercial goal of reinforcing its applied emphasis and securing significant commercial and practical outcomes –social, community or commercial. The success indicator for each investment will be specific, targeted application to measurable commercial milestones. The fund does not operate as a general research support grant.