Connectedness and Forward Planning

Forward planning is the key theme of this years Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) annual conference – Investing in the Future. As you would of gathered from my blogs to date, I really value the people involved in innovation transfer. Networking and staying connected through LinkedIn is vital to what we do here at bluebox, you can learn a lot from others. Connectedness is a important aspect of forward planning, because in the future your network might contain the one person that can help you with that next step.


I certainly encourage all my researchers to get out there and develop a LinkedIn profile, especially if they are interested in working with industry in the future. They are aware of LinkedIn but are often not aware of the potential value to them.

I am really looking forward to KCA 2013, excited about meeting new people and learning from others about Investing in the Future.

If you are interested in learning more about KCA please visit the website I would especially encourage you to visit the website and check out the KCA scholarship program which supports the travel and registration costs for one lucky KCA member to attend AUTM 2014 Annual Meeting ( in San Francisco, California. It is a great opportunity for early career professionals to learn more about Innovation Transfer and expand their networks.

Written by Lisa van den Berg – Commercial Manager