BIO2013 – a whirlwind week in Chicago!

In previous posts, I profiled our three Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO – conference fellows. This meeting was held last week in Chicago, USA and hosted over 16,500 attendees, 25,000 business partnering meetings, with over 3,000 companies and 65 countries represented. BIO is the largest biotechnology conference in the world – full of cutting-edge presentations, interactive workshops, business partnering meetings and an exhibition of more than a thousand companies. It was definitely an action-packed five days – from the QUT Luncheon on Sunday all the way through until the exhibition pack-up on the Thursday afternoon.


Along with the extensive exhibition area, BIO also had some fascinating and informative presentations on company strategies, latest technologies and recent commercialisation deals. On the Tuesday, I was lucky enough to attend the keynote luncheon entitled “Forbes 30 Under 30: The Rising Stars Transforming Science and Healthcare”. In this lunch, we listened to the stories of four outstanding young people in biotechnology: Laura Deming, Isaac Kinde, Adina Mangubat, and Joshua Sommer. I think everyone left that lunch thinking, “What an impressive group of people!”

Along with manning the QUT booth and attending presentations, I met with several companies to discuss potential opportunities with QUT technologies. I spoke about everything from spectacle designs to sports devices, from veterinarian products to some plant technologies as well. After several productive discussions, hopefully we will have more news to report over the next year or two. BIO is often just the start of a long conversation between the companies – with most of the work happening over the months and years following the initial meeting.

And on a lighter note – I managed to win a 3D Printer. Thanks DSM and BioPharmaceuticals Australia!

Erin Rayment – Relationship Manager