2014 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Philadelphia


The 2014 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology put a spotlight on innovative industrial biotechnology linking biotechnology, chemistry and agriculture to create new value chains. Links, which collaborations and partnerships are further strengthening.

People and “connectedness” are vital for successfully translating research outcomes (something we’re always going on about at qutbluebox). And this was emphasised at the World Congress by DuPont Chair and CEO Ellen Kullman.

Kullman advised: “Partner and collaborate to create value, learn together. True change is created through collaborations.”

Kullman is not alone in pushing this model at DuPont. The majority of companies in the industrial biotechnology space are heavily involved in collaborations. In this space,technology companies are partnering with feedstock suppliers and product companies to share risk and attract investment.

Examples of key organisations partnering include:
BUNGE and Solazyme
Renmatix and BASF
Total and Amyris
Abengoa and Powerstock

The Congress was a valuable opportunity to promote Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as well as building partnership and collaboration opportunities. QUT had a booth alongside the Life Sciences Queensland (LSQ) stand. Also it was not a research conference, it was definitely more industry/commercially focused. I think QUT was the only University with a stand, more industry-led organisations and government and companies, where Universities sent people and didn’t have booths. Plenty of investors and startups attending.

LSQ is a key proponent for Queensland working closely with industry and government to promote the State and identify potential opporunties for growth. I encourage all Queensland-based life sciences organisations to actively engage with LSQ (http://www.lsq.com.au/ or @LSQld on Twitter) and leverage
opportunities to promote your knowledge, technologies, facilities and services.

Please email me if you want to learn more about the Congress: l.vandenberg@qutbluebox.com.au .

Lisa van den Berg – Commercial Manager