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AUTM Annual meeting 2013

AUTM 2013 Annual Meeting

bluebox Intellectual Property and Business Intelligence Officer, Kate Martinac, and I (Anthony Musumeci, Commercialisation Manger) will be attending the upcoming Association of University Technology Mangers (AUTM) conference in San Antonio, Texas in late February. The four day international conference is devoted to supporting the global academic technology transfer profession through education, training and communication and involves universities, colleges, private enterprise and governments from around the world.

AUTM offers an opportunity to attend quality educational sections – 59 to be exact! Sessions will cover topics from evaluation, patenting, marketing and managing a startup company to name a few. In addition, companies such as AstraZeneca, Sigma Aldrich, Shell Oil and Syngenta Biotechnology will have a strong presence at the conference. This will allow bluebox to make valuable contacts, many of which may potentially have an interest in some of the exciting technologies in our current pipeline.

AUTM also offers an unparalleled networking opportunity to facilitate industry-Academia partnerships and also inter-institutional collaborations. The conference also includes a technology pitch event where we will witness, firsthand, university-related startup companies pitch their company to a panel of seasoned investors, and learn some of the do’s and don’ts of the business.

During the time at AUTM both Kate and I will be attending a number of professional development sessions, including; a full day AUTM Startup Business Development Course, as well as the AUTM advanced Marketing and AUTM Technology Valuation course,

Well that’s all for now, both Kate and I are looking forward to the trip across the Pacific and will provide an update for you all upon return!

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Anthony Musumeci – Commercialisation Manger

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